Training programme for

International Welded Structures Designer, IWSD

Target audience: Design, Calculation, Research & Development, Testing, Welding Coordinator, IWS, IWT and IWE.

Location: Main location Weld on Sweden, Videum Science Park, Växjö, Sweden. The location may vary depending on participants' wishes.
Welding is the most common and most important joining methods for mechanical, industrial and engineering products of steel structures. Knowledge of designing and dimensioning of welded structures are essential for anyone involved in the design, development and production of such products.
You have now the opportunity to train yourself to the finest diploma in welding design and become an International Welded Structures Designer, IWSD.
IWSD skills will open up new career paths for a wide range of positions and generate growth and competitiveness in the industry.
This unique education program fulfills the requirements according to guidelines from the International Institute of Welding (IIW) and leads to international diploma issued by Swedish Welding Commission, IIW-ANB.
Syllabuses are available on two levels, International Welded Structures Designer at standard level, IWSD-S and International Welded Structures Designer at the comprehensive level, IWSD-C.
IWSD-S consists of four modules and IWSD-C seven modules. Each module includes 25 hours and is performed at a three-day meeting.